• Evaluation and


With the conviction that the improvement of the quality of university higher education is a responsibility for all, the International Maritime University of Panama, assimilated and undertook its horizons towards an institutional self-evaluation process, which allowed it to evaluate the institution as a whole, taking as a reference the declaration of our mission, vision, and institutional objectives.


In November 2012, the UMIP received the certification issued by CONEAUPA, to give public faith of the quality of the university institution in general.


As a result of this process, in which all the stratum: administrative, academic, students, graduates and productive sector had an active participation, an Institutional Improvement Plan (PMI) was created that would take us at the end of the five years, to achieve significant advances through the four relevant factors to raise the quality of our processes.


After the process of institutional self-evaluation and accreditation that we started in 2011, now in 2018, we must focus on the self-assessment process for re-accreditation purposes, which for five more years will allow us to be a model for higher level maritime training, national and international.


Resolution # 12, of May 20, 2013, by which the Process of Evaluation and Accreditation of University Careers of Panama is approved, resolves to approve the process of self-evaluation of careers, in which we highlight as main objectives: "the national and international recognition of the career quality and greater opportunities for student’s mobilization, teachers and administrative staff ", and in which only the UMIP careers that meet the requirements will initiate this process.


Our goal is to continue working as a big family for the compliance of the processes, projects, activities, and confirm to the country and the world that we are the official university specialized in the maritime sector.  We are convinced that through all these processes, the UMIP will identify growth opportunities to raise the quality of higher education in the maritime sector.