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Military Band - Harmodio Herrera

The band company of the International Maritime University of Panama was born from the idea of ​​family integration around music. The philosophy of the group throughout its 10 years of existence, has been to rescue the true intention of music throughout history, which is to convey countless feelings to the public thanks to the sensitive interpretation both instrumental and vocal to our beloved homeland.

The band company is responsible for honouring the homeland every day, honouring our national anthem, raising the flag every Monday and greeting the flag every day.

Currently, the band company is composed by:

  • Cadet Chin José (company manager) who studies a Nautical Engineering Degree in Naval Machinery
  • Cadet Coronado Jael (platoon leader) which is studying an Engineer in Maritime Transport and Maritime and Port Industries
  • The applicant must have a minimum age of 16 years and know how to swim..
  • In addition to third, second and first year cadets.