The profile of the graduate of the International Maritime University of Panama (UMIP) responds to the needs of global maritime transport and commerce. The future Merchant Marine Officer must meet the expectations of the industry; must be capable of assuming administrative, management and operational responsibilities of a ship, or of the activities of a port, a shipping agency, or a shipyard.

The merchant marine officer has under his responsibility, the safety and protection of the life of his companions and the cargo of the ship; besides the life of seafarers and property on board other neighboring vessels.

This Merchant Marine Officer must know his work, he must be bilingual, multicultural, responsible, honest, disciplined, self-confident, organized and must have a strength of spirit that allows him to live away from his family environment for a long time. The merchant marine officer must be, primarily, a leader!

To form leaders, the UMIP starts from the establishment and execution of a discipline system, propped up and defended by all, that institutes the habits that eventually become a culture, in the form of being of the individual. The UMIP trains leaders through a continuous process focused on the enhancement of values ​​and competencies that enable the individual to live and work at sea.