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Honor Guard

The Honour Guard of the International Maritime University of Panama was created in 2008 by a group of cadets, supported by the school of leadership in view of the need to have a select group that stood out for their professionalism and excellence, committed to represent to the university being its image in important protocolary events, to honour the country and above all to guard the national pavilion of the UMIP.

The honour guard is a ceremonial unit, of excellence and representation; usually of a military or merchant nature, who enjoys an integral formation and development, composed of volunteers who are carefully chosen for their physical ability, skills, academic training, honour and love for the country. Thus, only those people who are highly motivated, who maintain high standards of appearance, conduct, aptitude for ceremonial duty and patriotic commitment can be considered.

MISSION: To present committed and motivated cadets, in skills, aptitudes and academic training, to represent the traditions and honour of our university

In the maritime university, the honour guard is dedicated to guarding the national pavilion within official state functions.

Functions of an Honour Guard

  • CEREMONY: The ceremony, is intended to give solemnity to certain special events of seafarers, of great importance to the cadet; publicly demonstrate the discipline and contribute to the development of both superiors and subordinates and the obligation to appear on all occasions with the seriousness, neatness that should distinguish the cadets of the Honour Guard and the UMIP.
  • PROTOCOL OF THE NATIONAL FLAG: The ceremonial act of hoisting and lowering of the national flag, is a ceremony to render the honours to the national flag of the Republic of Panama in the daily civic act, based on what is stipulated in law 2 of the January 23, 2011.
  • STREETS OF HONOUR: The streets of honour, are formations used to honour people in special events, which can be with elements (sabers, rifles, etc.) or simply with a cadet training.
  • SABERS: The protocol of honouring with sabers, is an ancient act, where the uniformed presented arms, at weddings, visits from heads of state showing their respect to the relevant person.
  • ESCORT OF THE PAVILION:The escort, is a body made up of cadets, who have the obligation to carry the national flag or international flags and the insignia of the UMIP or other institutions. Based on the provisions of law 2 of January 23, 2011.
  • COLOR GUARD:This unit will represent the pennants of the cadet corps regiment in an optional formation for the patriotic parades of the month of November.
  • DRILL TEAM:Unit of cadets with m1 protocol rifles that performs a demonstration that exemplifies the discipline, precision, and professionalism of the Honour Guard company, executing a series of calculated movements and the precise handling of the rifles.