The International Maritime University of Panama has given to our society, in its capacity as the country's first maritime university, the values ​​of a state institution; recognized for its academic excellence both nationally and internationally.

The Student Welfare Department is the administrative unit in conjunction with the management of the Leadership School, responsible for developing academic, economic and social promotion programs that contribute to the comprehensive education of students of the International Maritime University of Panama.

For this training process, the Student Welfare Department is in charge of meeting all the demands and needs not fully covered by the regular academic training. Its implementation is in accordance with the institutional mission of the International Maritime University of Panama and the human, social and cultural profile with which it aspires to train its students. For this purpose, this organization generates development policies based on a professional component that is parallel to a significant, broad, and direct participation of the students themselves.


The Student Welfare Department works under the direction of the Leadership School and seeks to offer cadets and students a quality service, promote human development and comprehensive training, with scientific basis, through the development of academic, social, cultural and sports programs, in relation to society, and the maritime area.

With this we seek to achieve a comprehensive education and academic excellence through the active participation of students and participants that helps to promote human, scientific, ethical, social, and technological values, allowing them a permanent space in the growth and development of our educational institution.

Con esto buscamos lograr una formación integral y la excelencia académica mediante la participación activa de los estudiantes y participantes que ayude a la promoción de los valores humanos, científicos, éticos, sociales y tecnológicos, que les permita un espacio permanente en el crecimiento y desarrollo de nuestra institución educativa.


  • Plan and organize student activities that take place throughout the year.
  • Encourage the active participation of students in the different programmed activities.
  • To guide our cadets in the academic and economic aspects, providing them, at the same time, cultural and sports activities to contribute thus, to their integral development as students of the Maritime University of Panama.
  • Develop programs and projects that help the integral formation of students.
  • Strengthen existing student groups, folk band, sports teams, musical groups.
  • Cultivate the ethical, moral, professional, cultural, and social values ​​of the cadets and students.
  • Duties

  • Prepare plans, programs and projects that contribute to the integral development of UMIP students.
  • Provide attention to students, associations, student groups.
  • Serve as a link between associations, groups in case of mobilizations, conflicts, and other situations.
  • Participate in the preparation of programs for cultural events such as: conferences, seminars, round tables of national and international interest, musical and artistic programs.
  • To give orientation talks to groups and new admission students related to the university life.
  • Collaborate in the organization of extension programs where volunteer students participate.
  • Coordinate scholarship programs and contests offered by the UMIP and benefactor institutions.

    The Umip offers to all students duly enrolled, in each of the established periods, a collective insurance for personal accidents which covers the following cases: Accidental death, total and permanent disability by accident, dismemberment by accident, medical expenses for accidents.

    Among the risks covered by the policy, are the accidental physical injuries, if the accident occurs on the premises of the site, and during class hours.

    Additionally, during the normal and direct journey from the house to the school site and vice versa, and in activities, walkways and tours organized by and under the supervision of the UMIP.

    The policy only covers ambulance expenses for all insured persons, and only within the city.

    What risks are not cover by the policy?

  • Any bodily or mental illness.
  • Injuries caused by heart attacks, epileptics, under drunkenness or drugs.
  • Injuries caused by the insured voluntarily to himself.
  • Injuries that the insured suffers in popular disturbances, quarrels, and criminal acts in which he participates.
  • Serious infractions of laws, decrees, agreements, regulations, and ordinances.
  • Hernia of any kind.
  • Injuries that the insured suffers in parachuting activities, in car races and speed events.
  • At the time of an accident during working hours, the student must go to the Integral Health Clinic of the UMIP, to receive first aid.
  • The in-call doctor and his work group will assess the severity of the accident and make the necessary contacts to carry out the mobilization of the affected student to the nearest medical center.
  • To receive medical care in the hospital centers, the student must present its identification card or registration form and personal identity card.

    The academic regulations stipulate in chapter XVIII, that they give honourable mention to those students who meet the following requirements:

  • Have completed at least one academic year in the UMIP, in their respective degrees.
  • Not having incurred in disciplinary actions or misconduct that have led to a sanction by the university authorities.
  • Not having rehabilitated, nor validated any subject.
  • The student must maintain a cumulative academic index greater than or equal to 2.50.
  • These honourable mentions will be classified as follows:
  • a) SUMMA CUM LAUDE 2.90 – 3.00
  • b) MAGNA CUM LAUDE 2.75 – 2.89
  • c) CUM LAUDE 2.50 – 2.74
  • The student may lose its honourable mention condition because of disciplinary sanctions or by lowering the cumulative index below to 2.50.

    This honourable mention makes them worthy of discounts in their respective enrolments based on resolution 076-10 of September 10, 2010, which establishes discounts for students of outstanding performance based on their academic performance, and that the student has at least one year in the UMIP and to be in a financial good standing, pondered in the following table:

    3.00 25%
    2.76 - 2.99 20%
    2.50 - 2.75 15%


    The International Maritime University of Panama maintains a national and international scope for the students who enter their curricula of all social strata; achieving in that way the maritime development of the country, to which its committed by supporting students with low economic resources and high academic performance, through scholarships that covers tuition expenses as social from the student cafeteria.

    Among the scholarship programs offered by the UMIP, there are two categories, which are food aid and academic performance.

    The cadet corps, through the student cafeteria committee, offers low cost food to the students, and to the administrative and teaching staff. In that way the income received is used to self-sustain the cafeteria and offer food grants for students; between 30 and 40 free lunches are given throughout the established period, contributing to the economy of those students with limited resources.

    To be granted with this scholarship, a call is established for students of all years and careers, who must submit a series of documents and conduct a socio-economic interview by the social worker of the Umip, to establish their needs and determine which students will enjoy this benefit.

    The scholarships of academic performance will be determined based on the resolution of the academic council 007-11 of February 16, 2011, which establishes the basic requirements to opt for the UMIP SCHOLARSHIP, to those students with limited resources and who present high academic performance in its studies.

    The UMIP SCHOLARSHIP is approved based on the financial guidelines and to cover tuition costs of students who meet the requirements established based on a general announcement which is opened for the participation of all students who meet the requirements.


    The Department of Student Welfare is responsible for developing diverse programs with students, the management of the leadership school and support groups< these programs are oriented to the comprehensive development of UMIP students and provide social support to the community.

    Within the programs that are developed throughout the year integrating students of all years we have the following:

  • Social Responsibility Program: Help the community through activities carried out by students.
  • Student Cafeteria Program: Support through the student committee, for the preparation of food for students in the kitchen of the umip, coordinated by a group of specialists, and sold at affordable prices to students, so that it makes the dining room self-sustainable.
  • Umip Scholarship Program: Helps students with high performance and low income through scholarships for tuition payments.
  • Collaborating Student Program: As a solution to the socio-economic problems, this program is established to incorporate students with high academic and disciplinary performance in supervised academic and administrative activities, with the purpose of recognizing their effort with an economic reward.
  • Professional Training Program: Development of talks and training for the professional development of future professionals in the maritime area.
  • Student Welfare Program: Makes a social contribution to the welfare of students through socio-economic aid such as transportation support, scholarships from private entities, job exchanges, educational and academic credit counselling.
  • Identification Card issuance program for students: Program the issuance of identification documents of students for their use and benefit by means of them inside and outside the university grounds.
  • Recreational Activities Program: Promote extracurricular and recreational activities for the benefit of students, in conjunction with other departments and management units.
  • Program of Cultural Activities: Develop student and cultural administrative groups, promoting folklore, culture, fine arts, and music.
  • Food Assistance Program: Through the cafeteria, students implement food aid programs for low-income students through scholarships for the school year.
  • Economic Support Program: Provide economic support to students with limited resources, prior social evaluation by our social worker.
  • Library Support Program: Support the students by borrowing the necessary bibliography to develop their academic work in conjunction with the umip library.