The Maritime Technical Institute (ITEMAR), is one of the main departments of the International Maritime University of Panama, its main function is to offer maritime training according to international regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) under regulations STCW, 1978, as amended.

We provide knowledge for the maritime professional growth with courses, training and programs in maritime areas, which contribute to the development, operation and performance of seafarers, among others.

Our instructors are perfected with training in modern simulators, which helps to develop and achieve the competencies required by international standards. These equipment and systems are similar to those found on board the ships, are a replica, so that the complement between theory and practice is reached by the achievement of the objectives, which has led us to get and deserve national and international recognition by the Maritime Authority of Panama and the Maritime Authority of Belgium. It should be noted that we are the only training center recognized by the BMI (Belgian Maritime Inspectorate), outside Europe and in America.

We are aware that maritime training and capacity-building is a process of continuous improvement, for which we have a quality certification according to ISO 9001: 2015, which allows us to evaluate teaching-learning processes.