The Maritime Language Center (MLC) is created as an initiative of the International Maritime University of Panama (UMIP) to become a training entity with communicative strategies in the English language and other languages ​​such as Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese, among others, which play an important role in the maritime port cluster.

The MLC offers courses at different levels (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced), which use the best and most modern trends and theories in the language teaching, thanks to the use of technologies through specialized software that are complemented with instruction in the classrooms. Our courses are based, primarily, on the communicative and practical approach of the language, make sure that the participants practice the language instead of knowing and memorizing rules and semantic structures. It offers to develop greater confidence and fluency on the part of the students so that they can achieve a faster assimilation of the languages.


Provide participants with effective and efficient communication skills, which will allow them to enter the maritime world as professionals and guarantee success in the maritime industry.


Develop and improve the essential communication skills to succeed linguistically in your professional life.

Promote the teaching not only of languages ​​but also cultural aspects.