The facilities of the Center for Simulators and Applied Technologies of the UMIP (CSTA), located in Building 911, La Boca, were inaugurated on December 28, 2006, along with the machine simulator for post-Panamax ships, donated by the COSCO Consortium Group. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Zhang Liang, Vice President of Cosco Group, Captain Meijiang Cai, General Manager of COSCO Panama Maritime, His Excellency Samuel Lewis Navarro, First Vice President of the Republic of Panama, His Excellency Rubén Arosemena Valdés, Second Vice President of the Republic of Panama and Administrator of the Maritime Authority of Panama, His Excellency Miguel Ángel Cañizales, Minister of Education and Captain Orlando Allard, Rector of the UMIP.

This simulator is an exact replica of the engine room of the vessel COSCO ROTTERDAM, container ship, with capacity for 5,446 TEUs. This vessel is 280 meters long (length) by 39.8 meters of beam (width), its main machine is a MAN B & W 10L90MC, low speed, two-stroke turbocharged diesel engine, which has a range of 82 RPM., its force is 43.100 Kw, 58.600 HP, and it can develop a speed of 24.5 knots with a fixed propeller of 5 blades. The simulator provides instructors and students with a wide variety of functions for training of Machine Officers in important aspects such as the preparation of the machine for operations, monitoring, control, analysis and diagnosis of faults, optimization of processes in the plant, among others.

The CSTA differentiates the practical training of the UMIP with other universities in the country, through a set of simulators that have the particularity of subjecting the participant to various conditions, both visual and auditory, which allow training and verification of procedures in different contexts, without putting the person and the work team at risk, it strengthens the skills and abilities of the participants with the use of this technological tool.

The UMIP has other machine simulators such as: The Electricity laboratory, the Electropneumatic laboratory, the Hydraulics laboratory, the Mechatronics laboratory, the Centrifugal Pumps laboratory, the Boiler Simulator, and the Machine Room (located in Albrook), among others. In the Deck Area we have the Liquid Cargo Simulator, Maritime Communications Simulator (GMDSS), Navigation Simulator (Full Mission), Electronic Card Simulator (ECDIS), among other laboratories that complement the students' competencies.

All these Simulators comply with the international regulations required by the Training, Titling, and Guarding Convention for Seafarers of 1978, (STCW / 78), as amended, according to the International Maritime Organization.